<![CDATA[SoftwaraState]]> https://www.softwarers.com/feeds/ SoftwaraState Wed, 01 Dec 2021 13:08:11 -0500 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[I'm very happy with it]]> I have only had this a few days. I'm very happy with it. Keyboard is nice, it runs very fast after making a few changes.For the price of this computer I'm very impressed. I have had more expensive ones that does not preform as well as this one. having wireless AC does make this a wonder. ]]> https://www.softwarers.com/home/615-asus-vivobook-14-e403na-us21-fhd-thin-and-lightweight-laptop.html <![CDATA[AmazonBasics]]> It's a nice little unit. My first impressions when I unboxed it was that it was well packaged, in an eye-appealing box. ]]> https://www.softwarers.com/home/631-amazonbasics-usb-powered-computer-speakers.html <![CDATA[This color, the surface fine lines, is indeed a commercial version, is not the appearance of the party's cuisine.]]> To fight a few documents or something, it is not enough for the main office machine to be enough, solid state drives are convenient to move.]]> https://www.softwarers.com/home/616-hp-laptop-250-g6.html <![CDATA[the router of today for the home OF THE FUTURE]]> What's a "tri-band" router? In extremely rudimentary, lay terms, the Nighthawk has the strength of three routers. It can handle three times the number of connections a single-band router ever could (presumably), yet all the devices are able to "see" one another and play nice together. So, yeah, it's expensive. It's quite possible, in fact, that you don't really even need a tri-band router. ]]> https://www.softwarers.com/home/627-netgear-r6700-100nas-nighthawk-ac1750-smart-dual-band-wifi-router-r6700.html <![CDATA[ I booted the computer and took a look around at what was on it.]]> The hard drive did quite a bit of running doing updates and such. I also assume that this is because of the extra stuff that Acer included. Once things seemed to settle down it ran OK but I felt it was being held back by all the stuff put on it by Acer. ]]> https://www.softwarers.com/home/620-acer-desktop-computer-aspire-atc-780a-ur12.html <![CDATA[Five Stars]]> Excellente for artworks! ]]> https://www.softwarers.com/home/634-xerox-documate-4700-color-document-flatbed-scanner.html <![CDATA[It's good to use]]> Other than that, super fast boot up. I like that exhaust fan is located on top of the keyboard]]> https://www.softwarers.com/home/618-asus-vivobook-s510-156-full-hd-thin-and-portable-laptop.html <![CDATA[Good Machine for the Money]]> Other positives are a nice, full-sized keyboard with a 10 key. The keyboard isn't super fancy, but they make good use of the space to make the keys nicely spaced, which makes typing on it quite nice. Getting a DVD and all the expansion ports you could ask for is also nice, since this is more of a desktop-replacement style computer. ]]> https://www.softwarers.com/home/619-dell-laptop-inspiron-17-5767-i5767-6370gry.html <![CDATA[I've tried several different adaptors. ]]> I couldn't be happier as I've experimented with several solutions before landing on this one. I didn't like having a stiff extension protruding from the side of the laptop. When using the laptop on my lap any bumping of the plug-in could damage the USB-C port. This adaptor has a nice woven flexible cord moving any large USB plug away from the port. Problem solved! ]]> https://www.softwarers.com/home/626-usb-c-to-usb-adapter.html <![CDATA[Fujitsu PA03706-B205]]> Easy set up. Meeting all our needs. Will buy another one next year if available. ]]> https://www.softwarers.com/home/635-fujitsu-pa03706-b205-network-document-scanner.html